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Islamic Marriage Site 'Gönülden Sevenler'

Every healthy person needs marriage as an institution where all heartfelt needs such as love and affection are met and sorrows are shared. The human need for someone to relieve one's loneliness, comfort one's heart and share one's troubles is legitimately met through marriage.
Since the female heart is the kindest and most tender of hearts, a man can best fulfill these needs with a woman to whom he will unite his life and is his equal. In line with these values, Gönülden Sevenler marriage site has been brought into service for you to find your spouse. Since the female heart is the kindest and most tender of hearts, a man can best fulfill these needs with a woman to whom he will unite his life and is his equal. 

Things to Know About Islamic Marriage Sites marriage site is a spouse search site that brings together those who come with the intention of marriage and want to marry in line with Islamic values. We help unmarried young people to have a happy and peaceful family. Since it is a platform for serious people with serious intentions, we provide you with a safe environment where you can find your spouse candidate. The Islamic marriage site Gönülden Sevenler makes you and your spouse candidate answer the membership forms during the registration process so that you can find the most suitable candidate for yourself. In this way, we ensure that you find your spouse candidate in line with your criteria. Marriage Site for a safe atmosphere
We approve our new users after rigorous reviews and block users who come with different intentions. People who are really honest, sincere and come with the intention of marriage are welcome. The marriage site cannot be used for any other purpose.
Our site never allows fake profiles. With our message and user complaint system, we immediately intervene with members and take the necessary action. Your safety and reliability is one of the most important aspects for us.
We serve in line with the requests and demands of our users.
Gönülden Sevenler marriage site is designed to meet the specific requirements and desires of our users. You can perform detailed searches based on the criteria you set, send messages and smiles to users, block users you don't want to communicate with and send gifts to users you cherish.
We Protect Your Personal Information and Take Precautions for Privacy
In the first stage, we introduce our members with a user name. We protect our members' information with a level of sensitivity that will not be disseminated on the internet and shared with others.
We request our users not to ask for other members' private information via e-mail. On the Islamic marriage site, you can share your contact information (e-mail, phone, msn) with other users only at your own will.
Aim of
The first area that the person who enters the marriage site Gönülden Sevenler encounters is our information forms where they can describe themselves in detail and present their wishes to the spouse candidate.
The only aim of is to enable you to establish a blissful family by making a marriage in accordance with Islam.
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Welcome to the World's first and largest marriage site, Gonulden sevenler. On the occasion of our website, where people who want to take a step on the path of marriage come together, hundreds of our couples have stepped into a happy marriage since the day we started to serve. By joining this platform, which has adopted serious friendship, you can find the home you have been longing for.

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Islamic Matrimonial Site

Our site is not a dating, dating or matchmaking site. Since our site is a serious marriage site, the intention of our registered users should be marriage. Our registered users are approved as a result of rigorous reviews by our editors. Users whose intentions are not understood to be marriage are removed from the site. Messages and user complaints reaching our system are immediately evaluated and necessary actions are taken.

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Detailed Profile

We would like to have general information about the people we will meet with the intention of marriage. For this reason, during the registration process on our site, you need to fill out two detailed information forms, which include your general characteristics and the characteristics of the spouse you are looking for. In this way, we help you to find the most suitable spouse candidate, while you get detailed information about our Heartfelt Marriage site users.



The profiles on our matrimonial site are constantly checked by our editors 24/7. All information of our users is kept confidential and not shared with anyone. In addition, thanks to the measures taken against theft of your photos, you can safely contact your spouse candidates.

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A message system has been created for you to provide comfortable communication with our other members. You can talk instantly with the marriage site message system designed as a mutual chat. You can filter the members with the features you want, and you can easily communicate instantly.



You can send all your questions, complaints and suggestions from the communication section. We respond to every e-mail that reaches us as soon as possible during working hours. If you have not received an e-mail, you can find the answer to your question in our help section.