User agreement

User agreement

Below you can find the text of the membership agreement between and member. Before becoming a member of, please read this agreement carefully and do not complete your membership to the site without confirming all the articles contained in the agreement. During the new subscription, you will see a box saying that you have read this text; Checking this box will mean that you accept all of the items below.

General rules

1. site is only for those over the age of 18. Everyone who fills in the member form undertakes that they are over the age of 18. Memberships that are found not to comply with this condition will be invalidated.

2. membership is personal. It cannot be loaned or transferred to another person. is not responsible for problems related to such attempts.

3. Each nickname is used once in Everyone who is a member is obliged to protect their nickname and password. is not responsible for any faulty behavior that may occur

4. The password chosen when becoming a member of is only known by the member. The responsibility of choosing and protecting the password belongs to the member. is not responsible for problems arising from the use of passwords.

5. Profiles created on are open to all visitors. It is the responsibility of the members not to provide private information in these areas, even though the profiles are constantly checked by our editors.

6. Members who leave their photos on can be automatically selected as "Member of the Day" by the system. Photos of the members of the day are published in various places of Posting the member pictures in the "Member of the Day" section, because the system automatically determines it, cannot be held responsible for reasons such as publication or non-publication.

7. On, the messages of the members whose number of messages in the message center exceed the limits declared on the relevant page can be deleted starting from the earliest date. All messages of members who have not logged into the system for a month can be deleted.

8. The entries in the favorite list, messages and smiles can be deleted with entries starting from the past.

9. Interactive areas:

a) A user cannot prevent another user from using the interactive areas as they wish.

b) The user cannot post or transmit anything that constitute a crime, require legal follow-up; post any unlawful, threatening, harassing, insulting, profane, defamatory, vulgar, pornographic, offensive or immoral information of any kind, that creates or encourages a situation inconsistent with local or national laws or international agreements.

c) The user does not own any information, software or other material that violates the privacy or broadcasting rights of another person, is protected by copyrights, trademark rights or other proprietary rights, or is adapted from materials falling within these described classes, or from the owner of the rights may not posted or transmitted without permission.

d) This website is open for personal use only by individuals and cannot be used for commercial purposes in any way. No business circle, company or organization can become a member of this site for any purpose.

e) GonuldenSevenler, to take legal action in cases such as sending unsolicited commercial or advertising messages directly to users in the system or their e-mail addresses, directing members to another website for this purpose, and illegal and unauthorized use of interactive areas on the site in this way reserves the right.

f) Members may not post or transmit any information, software or material that has commercial purposes or contains advertisements. It cannot make any demands or advertising activities, such as buying or selling any products from other members. For this purpose, e-mail chains for members cannot be established; junk e-mail cannot be sent.

g) In order to protect members from such advertising activities or persistence, GonuldenSevenler reserves the right to restrict the messages a member sends to other members.

10. is not responsible for what members write in the interactive areas of the site; here do not necessarily share the opinions written.

11. is not responsible for the content of the sites to which it links and promotes banners.

12. The site member grants the right to use, display and distribute all kinds of information published in the general use area of ​​the site, irrevocably, permanently, non-exclusively, fully paid. has the right to use the information provided by its members and in the database to transform it into statistical information, to use it in advertising and marketing, to determine the general tendencies of the site users, and to enrich its content and services.

13. may use the marriage and happiness stories from its members and the photographs related to these stories on the Internet and in written promotional materials.

14. All written, pictured, audible, graphic content and not graphic content materials rights are reserved. Copying and publishing these materials on personal pages and/or marketing them is strictly prohibited. In case such materials are used on personal pages, it is mandatory to include a statement at the bottom of the page stating from whom it is quoted and/or that the person or commercial institution from which it is quoted has given permission. Otherwise, GonuldenSevenler does not accept and take any responsibility for legal disputes that may arise.

15. There may be errors or interruptions in due to technical problems. is not responsible for such interruption of service. is not responsible for technical issues such as telephone and network, online systems, service providers, computer equipment and software, congestion in Internet traffic, installing software that will harm members or anyone else.

16. is not responsible for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, corruption, delay in transaction or transmission, or communication network failure regarding communication between members and members.


Standard Membership

17. Profile acceptance conditions:

Acceptance of the profile of a user who wishes to become a member is subject to the fulfillment of the following conditions.

a) Profiles cannot contain personal information such as e-mail address, web address, telephone number (directly or indirectly).

b) The fields in the profiles where the user describes himself / herself or the person s/he is looking for should be detailed, clear and truthful.

c) Offensive, sexist or racist expressions in any form cannot be used in the profiles where the user describes himself or the spouse he is looking for. Profile pages are open to all our members.

d) No language other than Turkish can be used in the profiles.

e) Propaganda of any political view cannot be made in the profiles.

f) No advertisements can be made on the profiles in any way.

18. The e-mail address given while subscribing to has to be an active e-mail address belonging to the member. In all correspondence related to membership, the e-mail address given when registering to the system is taken as a basis and this address is used. believes in the accuracy of the e-mail given and acts accordingly. is not responsible for any errors that may occur due to false and false e-mails.



Gold Membership

19. has a Gold membership in addition to the Standard membership. In case of becoming a gold member, the member accepts in advance that the responsibility lies with the member in cases that may arise due to incorrect or incomplete information given in the filled form.

20. is not responsible for the troubles that may occur while becoming a Gold member at, and the problems that may occur with the banks.

21. When the site member tries to make a transaction with his credit card more than once on the same day, the membership right is allocated by determining the gold membership period over the sum of the payments.

22. Gold members lose all rights related to their Gold membership if they delete (cancel) their membership. In case of deletion of members, all information is destroyed so that no information of the member is kept in the system. cannot be held responsible for the problems that may arise from the deletion of the membership.

23. members should be informed about the way works, site management, and gold membership rights since they first start their membership with a standard membership. After becoming a Gold member, if the member is not satisfied with the Gold membership rights or terms and conditions, and the system, the payment will not be refunded. Members should evaluate conditions well during the time they are standard members, and if conditions are found positive as a result of this evaluation, members should become Gold members.

24. Profiles of Gold members can be canceled just like Standard members' profiles if they violate the rules of In this case, no refunds or refunds of fees for unused periods are possible.

An invoice is issued by for each membership package purchased. If our members, who want their invoices to be sent to their addresses, send their address and billing information from the communication section, sends the invoice to the member's address. is not obligated to send the invoice issued for payment. cannot be held responsible for unsent invoices.



25. works extremely hard on security. is audited 24 hours a day.

26. Since credit card payments are made through the PayPal payment system, the member's credit card information is not stored in our system. Problems that may occur with a credit card are between PayPal and the member. cannot be held responsible for such problems.

27. The member should never write down your credit card number in e-mails, faxes or letters to be sent. There is a possibility that the information contained in the e-mails can be seen by third parties. cannot under any circumstances guarantee the security of the information transmitted by these means.

28. is not held responsible for the damages that may occur due to the reading of the member data by unauthorized persons without the negligence of (the member sharing his information with other people, not leaving the site, etc.)

29. is not responsible for the behavior of any online or offline member. Under no circumstance, the use of the site, its content, whether online or offline, from the results of communication and interaction between members loss, damage, loss, death, etc. even if it is not responsible.

30. has the right to follow the disputes between the members, but it is not obligatory. Communication, interaction and relations between members are under the sole responsibility of the members. The content element published by a member may be harmful, inaccurate or deceptive. In this case, other members must act with caution and common sense. is not responsible for any material or moral damages arising from disputes between members.

31. members can unsubscribe at any time by following the instructions in the Membership deletion section on the Settings page. reserves the right to cancel the membership without any warning.

32. does not accept any content element that enables interaction between users (forums, chat rooms, text messages, messages of Messenger, photos or profiles) that violates the Membership Agreement or that is offensive, illegal, violates the rights of members and it may audit or cancel it on the grounds that it contains elements that threaten its security.

33. The articles on this page can be changed by at any time, provided that the changes are stated on this page.

34. Since is a marriage site, its members must not be already married. Members who are understood to be married will be cancelled. cannot be held responsible for any damages that may arise from such situations.

35. Since is a marriage site, the only intention of its members should be marriage. Members whose intentions are understood not to be marriage will be cancelled. is not obliged to prove evidence.

36. Memberships to which members complain can be canceled as a result of the evaluation. does not have to provide proof because of keeping the complaining members confidential. cannot be held responsible for closed or canceled membership.

37. Members who meet with and intend to get married are obliged to get to know the people in front of them personally. cannot be held responsible for the problems that may arise in relations and marriages with these people.

38. members should keep confidential information such as credit card and bank account number to each other. cannot be held responsible for any problems that may arise if this information is not kept confidential.

39. Although the editors of monitor the memberships, cannot be held responsible for the dual problems experienced in fraud cases that may occur among the members.

40. displays fixed pictures on its homepage in order to keep the pictures of its members confidential. Real members are kept confidential for registered members to see. Members can never ask for their pictures to be shown on the homepage, and cannot be held responsible for the pictures and content displayed on the homepage.

41. users should become a member of the site after being well informed about the site's authorities and site content, and should become a Gold member when they are satisfied with during their membership. Otherwise, not finding the Gold membership terms sufficient after making the Gold membership payment is not an acceptable reason.

42. In cases where the member is obliged to make a statement to the official authorities in accordance with the current conditions of, if this information is duly requested by the official authorities, it will be authorized to disclose the confidential / private / commercial information of the members to the official authorities and therefore accepts that no compensation can be claimed under any name whatsoever.

43. Turkish Law will be applied in the interpretation of this contract and in the management of legal relations arising under this contract. Istanbul Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized in the settlement of all kinds of disputes that may arise or may arise due to the contract.

44. The Member accepts that no compensation can be claimed from under any name, in case of problems with other members within, for any problems experienced by the Members within

45. Even if the member is a Gold member, he can cancel the membership of the complained member due to the complaints made to Members whose membership has been canceled accept that no compensation can be claimed from under any name.

46. The Member accepts that, its branches, officials, representatives and other employees will compensate for the damages that may arise from losses, claims and accusations that may occur in case of violation of this contract.

Checking the "I have read and accept the membership agreement" box in the membership form means that the above conditions have been accepted.

Confidentiality agreement

Our members do not provide any identification information while becoming a member of our site. Distribution, publication, disclosure of this information cannot be made by our site.

The e-mail address given during registration on our site is kept confidential from third parties and is never shared with other members.

The credit card information of our members who upgrade their membership to gold membership is strictly kept confidential. At the same time, our site does not collect automatic payments from its members using this information.

Articles, profile texts, poems and pictures published by our members on our site cannot be published without permission from our site.